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Along with the post pandemic era, comes its various challenges. All of us have had to make several changes, big or small, to adapt to the new normal. Almost everything has turned online from shopping, to working to studying. Students while learning online face numeral challenges. Here we list out a few of those and also let you know how we can help.

#Challenge 1: Technicalities

When we subscribe to any of the online coaching programmes for CFA, we are first welcomed with a list of system requirements. High speed internet connectivity, broad bandwith, XYZ internet browser, etc. These become additional factors to be considered alongwith selecting the most apt CFA online coaching institute.

How we help?

Our learning management system is not only user friendly, but also is available across devices. Laptop, desktop, tablets and even mobiles, can be used to easily access all the data available on our online teaching platform.

#Challenge 2: Computer Literacy

Not everyone is well versed with the technicalities of online learning. Multiple instructions, opening a new tab on every click, multiple registrations on various streaming platforms, get unsettling everytime a student commences an online session. Not to mention the OTP’s and confirmation emails! Not all find it easy and hence end up frustrated even before the session begins.

How we help?

As soon as we got a sense that online teaching will have to be adopted as a way of teaching, we channelized all our efforts in designing a user friendly, single platform for our CFA online coaching. We achieved the same in a record time of 4 months and since then have been updating the LMS, incorporating every student feedback and grievances. Registered once, student for life!

#Challenge 3: Time management

Though it looks like online learning empowers one with flexibility to attend and practice the lectures for online coaching for CFA, but it’s not so true in reality. Infect one has to plan his/her entire day around that one CFA demo session, or revision session. And once missed one needs to book another slot for covering the topics covered during the same.

How we help?

Our lectures are scheduled at a convenient time, such as working as well as non-working students can easily attend the same. Despite being online our personal touch with the students does not cease to exist. So if a student misses a lecture, he/she can instantly connect with sir and get details of the next batch covering the same topic and that too before his/her continuation session due. Thus, the student is able to maintain continuity in the course and doesn’t have to jump back and forth to join the dots.

We also provide

Mind maps: A gist of the chapter

Quiz: Chapter, Subject and Course level wide tests on the go

Presentations:Animated presentations at your ease

Videos: Recorded Videos for all lectures

All the above are designed keeping in mind that each student has different priorities and we enable them to fit their CFA preparations where they deem fit.

#Challenge 4: Motivation

Studying in a room with students, sharing their energies and syncing with their thoughts is a completely different experience as compared to studying alone confined in your room. It reduces your concentration span and also your interest levels. Result? Half understanding of the concepts and built up frustration connecting the next lecture with the previous one.

How we help?

If you choose to take up online coaching for CFA with us, you will experience near to classroom learning experience. Constant interaction with sir, answering questions asked by him, requires attention throughout the session. Interactive doubt solving sessions are also conducted, where students not only ask their doubts but also can take advantage from the doubts of their counterparts. Sir tries his best to keep everyone in the loop and mentally invested.

While learning CFA online, students face certain challenges, which are beyond our purview. Like distraction from the environment they study in, lack of discipline in adhering to deadlines set to complete the portion and multitasking while attending the class. The only way to control the damage done from the above is self-discipline and focus, without which clearing CFA is anyways impossible. We tab our students for such defaults by analyzing their performance in our tests and mocks which we assign after completion of every topic. But that can’t replace a student’s own dedication towards the course.

At CFA with Manish Ramuka, we mark our journey right from the online demo session to adding CFA behind your name. Even a lockdown couldn’t deter us from providing our students with best in class CFA online coaching. Don’t believe us? Check our reviews!

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