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Before we answer the question mentioned above,lets first answer another question. Do we need CFA coaching classes? Well there are mixed opinions. Many feel it is easily manageable by self-study, as the curriculum issued by the CFA institute is very well explained. So books plus a few mock papers and we can handle CFA.

Well it may be true for a few but there are people who need more. Let’s see what can they be:

Explanation: Even though the curriculum books are well explained, students would prefer a broken down explanation for the same. Someone who can explain the concepts in a layman language. Someone who can make it easy even for a non-finance background aspirant, like an engineer or a marketing graduate. So look out for a CFA coaching institute which breaks down the course in a systematic and easily understandable manner.

Extra help: For a few, an easy explanation is the road half met. They prefer repetitive explanations and a gist of the concepts if possible. Imagine the entire chapter squeezed in just one paper. Flowcharts, mind maps, summarized explanations serve this purpose. CFA coaching institutes which can roll out this service for the aspirants, fit in the bill for the students of this category.

Practice: CFA institute provides the aspirants with a lot of mock tests and other practice material. Though a few may find it sufficient, there exists a lot who want closure! “I have attempted the paper, but what about correction?” They feel the need to be corrected and guided where there are lapses. So a CFA coaching institute which not only conducts enough tests but also provide timely analysis to the students can act as a guiding light to such aspirants, so that they can alter their pace and approach towards their preparations.

Support: It’s always good to have someone next to you, when you are overburdened, puzzled or just overwhelmed! In such times, guidance from a mentor can calm your senses and get your focus back to where it should be. An anchor like that can remove the anxiety and stress element from the preparations. CFA coaching institutes guaranteeing such support, should be the one scouted for, by such aspirants.

Personal Touch: Though some aspirants enjoy the peace of solitude while studying, a few prefer someone by the side while doing so. Sharing of ideas, thoughts and doubts help them to feel confident that their preparation has discounted every aspect of the curriculum. A classroom environment helps such students. Absorbing the energies and the perspectives of our counterparts help in covering complete ground, with respect to understanding and hence preparations. A CFA coaching institute that believe in interactive sessions and encourages the students to speak their mind, creates the conducive environment for such aspirants. Wondering how we know so much? Well, this is our years of research on student psychology and expectations. At the risk of sounding pompous we can confidently say that we have tried our best to address all the above issues and have designed our services keeping them in mind. We continually upgrade our services, in response to student reviews and demands. Our 24X7 connect with our students and providing them with a holistic learning experience has always been our top priority. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews online! And for any further queries feel free to connect.

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